• How it works

    Commerical 0day malicious code is often undetectable by antivirus software, as it is using stealth mechanisms to mask its presence in compromised system.

    All actual methods for detecting rootkits depend on actual system functioning disruption. And that is the point where OSHI Unhooker keeps an eye on, allowing to detect malicious hooks.

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  • Easy to use

    OSHI Unhooker provides easy to use interface without any sophisticated settings and options. On-demand scan is started after Scan button is pressed by user.

    OSHI Unhooker scans the system and reports all its actions in the notification area, listing all found threats and abnormal system activities. Using OSHI Unhooker is easy as 123.

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  • Stay free of rootkits

    Keeping operating system up-to-date cant guarantee 100% confidence, as malware can use 0day exploit which is not reported and is not known by security software vendors.

    OSHI Unhooker intensively uses complex inspection methods for detecting rootkits which are not even known, using heuristics algorithms and indepth system analysis.

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